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About Us

At Lizzabeth A, we love helping you find the perfect touch for your home or that perfect gift for yourself or a friend. Our goal is to give you a warm & wonderful shopping experience and, to that end, we are always adding fresh finds so each time you visit you can enjoy something new. 

Come say hello!   Beth, Debbie, Jan, Lori & Gayle

Dear Lizzabeth A Friends,

I have made the bittersweet decision to retire and close the store!  The thought of kicking off my shoes and doing whatever I want has been calling me for a while now and I must admit I’m really looking forward to it.  That is the sweet part.  The bitter is saying goodbye to all of you and to Lizzabeth A being a part of our wonderful downtown.  

Our current situation with the coronavirus contributed somewhat to my decision but only by moving it up about 4 months.  I had planned on doing one more holiday season and retiring after that but these times are too uncertain to risk bringing in all that new merchandise.  So…I get to start playing a little early!

I’m hoping you get a chance to stop in – first of all, so we can see you and, second, so you can maybe find some good treasures at a good price.  Our doors will close once everything is gone which I expect will be in about 2 to 4 weeks – end of July, early August.

If you happen to have an unused gift certificate or gift card, we will reimburse you if you can’t make it in or don’t find something you want.  Also, if you gave someone a gift certificate or card, we’d appreciate your help in letting that person know.  We don’t want anyone left with something they can’t use!

Thank you so, so much for your amazing support over the 15 years that Lizzabeth A has been in Camas.  We will really, really miss all of you and our sweet downtown too!  Hopefully, I can arrange a safe sort of goodbye celebration later in the summer so stay tuned for that.

I also want to thank my wonderful co-workers over the years and look forward to their continued friendship in retirement.  It’s been a fabulous run and they were a crucial part of it, as you all know.  I want to especially tip my hat to Debbie Hill for the beautiful display work she’s done over the last 5 years and for the scads of times she ran up and down the stairs and the ladder to create that magic.  Fantastic job, Deb!

Thanks again to all!

I will miss you!