Decorating Thoughts from Beth

The Three Day Rule of Decorating

Many people expect that because I own a home decor store, my own home must be beautiful! Well, think again! Turns out, I share the same agonies of self-doubt when it comes to decorating my own space that many of you have expressed to us in the store. For instance, just this past week I went through the harrowing experience of having new window coverings installed in the condo where I now live. I warned the installer that normally I hate everything when it first goes in because I psyche myself out that I might have made a mistake. Well, this time, to my total surprise…I loved them instantly!! Both the living area and bedroom looked terrific. This is unbelievable, I thought, beaming with pride at my well-executed decor.

All was well until dusk and nightfall set in and the changing light naturally changed the color of my new window shades. “What…is…that…interesting…color?” I began to ask myself calmly. Is that a color I recognize and did I know it would soon be living with me? Did I forget to look at my selection at various times of the day and in different lights before ordering? I racked my memory of the ordering process with a growing sense of discomfort in the pit of my stomach. “It’s OK”, I sensibly reassured myself. “making a mistake on all the window coverings in your home is no big deal.”

!!!OMG!!! The terror washed over me.

Eventually, having gotten a grip on myself, I decided on the only path that made sense. Go to bed.

Fortunately, in one of my dreams the angel of home decor appeared in the form of my sister quoting her own personal decorating rule. “Don’t allow yourself to even consider the new item, let alone pass judgement on it, for three full days,” she said in a singsong voice. “If you feel so much as an inkling of an opinion forming, you nip it right in the bud.”

Next morning, I prepared for my work day by stumbling around looking mainly at the floor and pretending I didn’t even have windows. After following the same routine that evening and the next day, I decided that 2 days was pretty close to 3 and chanced a look. OMG! What was all the fuss about? “They look fine!” I sighed with relief. Even at dusk and nightfall, they still looked fine! Dare I say, even really nice!?

So if, like me, you’re a little prone to second-guessing yourself, give yourself a break and follow the Three Day Rule. If nothing else, it will give you time to accept that you just might be happy with your choice!

Happy decorating!